R&D at Chiesi

Chiesi business strategy is to invest significantly in R&D.

Annual expenses come to approximately 15-18% of the Group’s turnover, keeping a strong focus on pharmaceutical development of innovative drugs and drug delivery systems, targeted to respiratory diseases and other core therapeutic areas of the Group. 


These R&D activities within the Chiesi Group are essentially centralized at Chiesi Italy. For Corporate Products, the Parent Company performs the activities, meets the costs and takes the risks concerning:


  • Product discovery
  • Product development
  • Patent and trademark application and maintenance
  • Product registration (centralized, decentralized, mutual recognition and national procedures)
  • Post-launch clinical trials required to further qualify the products


These activities result in a pharmaceutical dossier, which covers all the product features and is used for the drug registration. This dossier, together with the relevant know-how, is made available to the Group companies and to third parties, in order for them to obtain the marketing authorization in their respective countries.


Some development activities, specifically relating to clinical trials, may be carried out by other R&D units within the Group, as follows:


  • Chiesi France performs clinical trials on behalf of Chiesi Italy, also through a dedicated clinical research unit
  • Chiesi USA manages clinical trials in the United States on behalf of Chiesi Italy
  • Chiesi UK is dedicated to innovation in the field of inhalation products, with specific focus on pressurized systems. The objective is to explore and develop the potential of the “Modulite” technology and to find innovative solutions for respiratory drug delivery