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Date: 10/04/2017

“A thousand miles journey starts BUT with a single step” and that step was taken thirty years ago by Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A while laying down a foundation stone of Chiesi Pakistan on 2nd June 1987. Initially, the company’s Liaison Office was established in Lahore. When visionary leadership decided to expand globally, Chiesi Pakistan had the honor to become 2nd affiliate of Chiesi Group and 1st one in the Asia. The commercial operation of Chiesi Pakistan was started with only three corporate products and ten enthusiastic and committed professionals were taken on board for the field operations to cover ten major cities of Pakistan. During the first year Chiesi Pakistan achieved 3.9 Million PKR value by selling over 48,000 units.


Since its inception, the ambition of Chiesi Pakistan has been to grow more than the reference Pharmaceutical Market which led the company in achieving continuous success. In the year 1997 the Corporate Management decided to change the status of Liaison Office into Chiesi Pharmaceuticals (Private) Limited, an affiliate directly owned by the Group.


Existing product range of Chiesi Pakistan represents vital therapeutic areas of Respiratory Diseases, Musculoskeletal, Women’s Health and Neonatology. During the span of 30 years many innovative products were introduced by the company in local pharmaceutical market which has now grown to a portfolio of 26. Likewise there is simultaneous increase in manpower resources i.e. now 202 in total. In the year 2016 another historical milestone was achieved with 2.244 Billion PKR sales. In Pharmaceutical Market Chiesi Pakistan is holding 37th Position with a share of 0.70 %. In future Chiesi’s primary goal will remain to play a leading role in the improvement of the health and quality of life for the people of Pakistan by providing innovative therapeutic solutions.


Indeed this outstanding success is the result of dynamic and enterprising team leadership driven by motivation with deep roots in organizational culture, values, and dedication to service in the best interest of ailing humanity.


“We Live Like a Family and Work Like a Team”


We have accomplished a lot together during these 30 years but it is important to remember that we have bigger challenges ahead. In fact, by reaching the milestone of 30 successful years of Chiesi Pakistan, we are commemorating and celebrating the aspiration, enthusiasm and team work, which is success of every one of us.