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Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with human behaviour and it expresses a set of rules of conduct which should be applied in everyday actions to contribute to the common good.


Chiesi has long been in line with these general ethical principles: we want to affirm our values, build our activities on rules of conduct that will allow us to do business while protecting society and the environment, as well as develop confidence in all those who interact with us. This must take place both inside and outside the company.


We believe that the ethical component should always be present and active, and that there can be research, production, promotion, sales and organisation only with an adequate level of ethics, especially in positions of higher responsibility.


Ethics for Chiesi means legality, fairness, integrity, responsibility and transparency.


We have always held a firm belief both in complying with the highest standards of conduct and in considering business ethics and legal conduct as fundamental pillars of our reputation and success.

For these reasons, in addition to the requirements set down by laws and regulations, we have also set out the commitments and ethical responsibilities guiding our business in official documents.

More than ten years ago the Group adopted a Code of Ethics and Conduct, and in 2005 we gradually began to involve the affiliates of the Chiesi Group in adopting and implementing the Code.


The Code has now been implemented by all the Chiesi affiliates and the Chiesi Group Guidelines on Ethics and Compliancehas now also been drafted to harmonise the process for the adoption of the Code of Ethics and Conduct and promote the implementation of common criteria within the whole group in conducting the business with the involvement of all the Chiesiaffiliates.


In order to uphold the high legal and moral standards of the Group, in 2015 Chiesi implemented an Anti-bribery Policy. The purpose of this Policy is to provide whoever acts on behalf and in the interest of Chiesi, in any capacity, with a set of general principles and rules on how to recognise and deal with bribery and corruption issues and how to comply with anti-bribery rules and regulations, in line with the provisions laid down within Chiesi’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.