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Chiesi Group’s commitment is to operate not only in accordance with the laws and regulations currently in force but also with certain principles and rules of conduct of an ethical nature.


Such principles have been compiled together to bring forth an official Group document, the  ‘Chiesi Group Code of Ethics’, which is binding upon all the bodies, employees, consultants, collaborators, agents and at a more general level all third parties acting on behalf of the Group, collectively called as ‘Addressees’, to which they must comply with when carrying out the Group’s mission.


The main pillars of the Chiesi Group Code of Ethics are following principles:


Whilst carrying out their work and professional duties, the Addressees of this Code must fully comply with the regulations in force in the Countries where they operate. Dishonest conduct cannot therefore be justified even in the pursuit of the Group’s interests.


The Group pursues its own mission whilst ensuring adequate transparency in executive processes anddecisions made.


The Group safeguards the confidentiality of all information acquired whilst carrying out its own activities.


The Group recognizes the importance of collaboration among managers, employees and collaborators and of generating synergy between the various individuals involved in Group activities.


The Group acknowledges the competence and skills of the individual members of the business as an element essential to its development and thus promotes the enhancement of human resources by means of training programs and refresher courses.


This Code therefore forms part of a more general project aimed at creating an ethical identity for this Group, setting out the values which the Group wishes to be respected in the conduct of all of its components.


The Group thus intends to firmly re-establish the concept that fairness and lawfulness in working and business practice constitute and shall always constitute an essential value for this Group.


Ethical Committee Members 


Mr. Umar Masood



Mr. Moazzam Hussain Qadri

Compliance Officer


Mr. Qaiser Saeed