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Chiesi Pakistan was established on 2nd June 1987 and is the 2nd international affiliate of the group.


The mission of Chiesi Pakistan is to provide Pakistani nation, state of the art high quality products which are being used in most developed countries of the world, therefore almost all the group’s products are promoted and marketed by Chiesi Pakistan, ranging from Respiratory Diseases, Musculoskeletal pain to special care areas like Neonatology.


In order to ensure high quality of its drugs, commensurate with European, US and other international pharmaceutical manufacturing standards, Chiesi group has restricted its manufacturing sites and all the group affiliates across the globe are supplied with Finished pharmaceutical products from these plants located in Europe and Brazil. However to cater to local market needs, Chiesi Pakistan is also promoting some generic formulations being manufactured locally.


The most important recent introduction in Chiesi Pakistan product portfolio is the State of the art Inhaler Foster. Since its introduction in the global as well as Pakistan market, sales have shown tremendous growth rate which is evident of its advantage over other treatment options. Infact Foster is based on Chiesi’s patented “Modulite Technology” with the advantages of “Extra Fine Formulation” to reach the small airways of the respiratory tract.


Another marvelous product in the field of neonatology is Curosurf, a natural surfactant. It helps in saving the lives of many of the premature newborns suffering from RDS (Respiratory Distress Syndrome). 


Chiesi Pakistan is also proud in owning a trustworthy product for the management of pain, Brexin which is the result of Nobel Prized research Host-Guest Chemistry. According to IQVIA Q4 2021 (MAT), Brexin is ranked as No. 1 among 626 brands available in Anti Rheumatic market (Oral formulations excluding OTC).


Likewise all other Chiesi group’s products being marketed in Pakistan are ranked among the top five brands in the relevant segments which is real source of motivation and sense of pride for Chiesi Pakistan.   


From sales point of view, in year 2023 Chiesi Pakistan achieved a turnover of over PKR 6.92 Billion with a growth rate of 21.9% and market share of 0.78%. Chiesi Pakistan is further enhancing its contribution in the fast growing Pakistan Pharma market and to further sustain our commercial strength and increase future growth potential.  Chiesi is actively evaluating and pursuing the acquisitions of new companies. In future Chiesi’s prime objective will remain to play a leading role for the improvement of health and quality of life of ailing humanity by providing innovative products.