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Chiesi’s commitment also involves promoting the development of local communities where the company operates, with the aim of facilitating sustainable growth in the area.


Sustainability at Chiesi also means recognising the strong interdependence between a company and the system in which it operates, including the local community. We therefore want to contribute to the economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability of the societies in which we live with a view to shared value, as we are aware of the benefits for the business when it forms part of a system which thrives alongside it.


We focus on three specific areas: Education regarding both healthcare and environmental issues; Development, intended as the social, cultural, economic and environmental prosperity of the community; Emergencies, support for environmental disasters, for example flooding or earthquakes or other critical situations such as the global health emergency caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus (click here to visit the special section dedicated COVID-19).


We believe in the key role and the value of voluntary work in our society and this is why we involve our employees in corporate volunteer projects. Since 2015 we have been running the Chiesi Volunteer Week, during which Chiesi employees can dedicate their efforts to local no-profit associations. This involves a wide range of different activities at our affiliates, including specific solidarity initiatives for each country. In 2019 we also began running Volunteer Month at our Headquarters, which has so far involved 620 employees and 30 no-profit associations for a total of 2,480 hours of volunteering.


Corporate Volunteering 2019